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Your special day is almost here. You deserve to be stress-free and enjoy your day! Let us help you plan your dream wedding from beginning to end, or just help you on your special day so you can cherish and enjoy every beautiful moment with your new husband!

Whether you need a full wedding planner to help you design the wedding of your dreams, a day-of coordinator to help your day run smoothly, or vendor referrals of So Cal's best wedding professionals while staying within your budget, OC Brides can help. With so many things to consider, so many elements that must come together perfectly at just the right time, it's more than the average person can be expected to handle themselves.

Our pricing is reasonable and we can work within your budget. With our extensive resource directory of wedding professionals on hand, we guarantee to save you money on the wedding services you need.

Cindy's Story

What drew me to this industry?

In a word ....  Creativity.  I love creating things no matter what they are!

For my second marriage over 15 years ago, I had a big fat Greek Wedding. My fiance was Greek, not me, but I was the creative in the wedding project. He had no input whatsoever except for the church. I did not have a wedding planner or coordinator, I did it all myself. The thing that stands out the most for me is remembering myself "snap" at my new husband as we entered the reception hall because I was so stressed that he had not handled his part of things at all. We almost didn't get our coveted "horse drawn carriage ride' to the reception because he thought they would just "trust" him to pay later! I had to go in and get cash out of our Gift Card basket to pay for the ride. Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful wedding and reception and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I do remember being stressed at times where a coordinator could have helped.

I paid so much attention to detail starting years in advance.  I had saved the rose petals from the roses he gave me for over 10 years. Kept them in a box with Rose oil. I put them in cylinder cones with a typed message about where they came from and what they meant. The guests threw the rose petals at us as we left the church.

I Created a CD of Greek songs and bought and tied together cymbals for the flowergirl to distribute to guests when the Greek bellydance music came on at the reception. We had Greek dinner music playing while we ate and then Greek dance music for the family to partake in. It was the first and last time his father and uncle Greek danced in well over a decade!  They have now both passed on and the memory of that wonderful day remains in our hearts.  His uncle had even asked a cousin if they could put the Greek music back on after we had moved on to the American dance music.

Another unfortunate mishap was the reception venue took my meal away after only taking 2 bites.  I had been looking forward to this meal for months but was so excited to see someone in attendance that I never made it back to my table to finish.  When I asked the venue coordinator about it she said they took it and would not replace it.  I couldn't believe it and now know that had I hired a wedding coordinator, such as myself, that would never have happened.

After the wedding, I created a wedding box and surprised the loved ones that couldn't attend our wedding. I was told it brought tears to their eyes. It included Greek music from the wedding, a video, a handmade paper cylinder with the rose petals, and Greek cymbals from Greece.

The thank yous from our guests were amazing and I knew I had a talent but never thought I would actually become a wedding planner some day.  For some reason so many in the industry told me to move in that direction and I just didn't hear the call.

After many years in this wedding business, I finally decided to offer my expertise to local brides. I now have a team of excellent wedding professionals in the industry and have become an Accredited Event Designer through iWed certification.

My team and I look forward to helping YOU make your wedding day as special as mine was without the stress!
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